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RAACINE was founded to achieve a single goal - Healthy Skin. Using only the highest in quality ingredients, and achieving the prestigious USDA certification,
provides our customers comfort in the products they are using on their skin.   
While we drive hard on results, we are also fun and playful. 
We are the 'customer'; real everyday women with skincare challenges as well as opportunities.   
We like to wear yoga pants most days, and skip the makeup. We believe in authenticity, and we encourage our teams and our customers to be their authentic self. Just as our products have no fillers, perfumes or coloring agents – authenticity should be celebrated and embraced.  Authenticity is us, and it is what is in the bottle. 

3 Sisters & 1 Purpose

Nicole, Tara, Krista.
The beauty industry is a billion dollar industry, so what didn’t exist for these sisters for them to launch RAACINE? Science + Organic + Sustainable … when it didn’t exist, they said let’s do it. And RAACINE was born!  
Skincare was not new for these sisters. Their collective ‘roots’ include years as being entrepreneurs including owning and operating medical spas and learning from the best and brightest in skincare. 
They’ve been taking care of their skin for years, and the science behind skincare was not new for them either. What was missing, was a skincare company that delivered on the science they knew was important, using only organic ingredients, and has sustainable practices.



RAACINE is actually their family name (Fr: Racine) which in English translates to Root.  They added the extra ‘A’ in the spelling as a play symbols, and since they thought it was worth a double mention representing the importance of Vitamin A and Antioxidants in skincare.

We are proud to be sisters, female founders, and yes Tara and Krista are twins!


Passion: We are passionate  about people, passionate about wellness, passionate about skincare. In fact, everything we do, we do with passion. Passion an energy source for us.
Wellness: We believe wellness is maintained by balancing our physical health, mental health, spirits and community. Healthy skin also contributes to   wellness and confidence.   
Kindness: We practice kindness daily, with each other, with the world and with ourselves. Acts of kindness, big or small, have a compound effect in the world. 
Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and inactions. By being accountable with our clients we build trust and loyalty.   
Fun: Fun, playfulness and humour. Our days are always better when we laugh, play and smile.    
Courage: It is not about being brave, it is about being scared but doing it anyway. This is how we move forward and grow.    
Inclusion: Equity, diversity and inclusion are a foundation for us. Every employee, customer and stakeholder should feel safe, welcome and able to be their  authentic selves.