Testimonials: Men


After the first proper shave in quite a while, my face was extremely irritated and was burning. I used a few drops of the Raacine Reviving Serum mixed with the Raacine Repairing Cream and immediately my skin was soothed and smooth!  Being a typical male, my skin care routine was non-existent.  But now I take an extra 30 seconds after shaving to apply the Serum and Cream every day!   I can already see a difference! 


I'm one of those men that used to wash my face in the shower with soap or shampoo. My wife showed me how to wash my face with the Responsive Cleanser and then rub it off with the bamboo cloth. I have to say it makes a difference. Who knew and now I do this every day in the shower.


I now wash my face every morning with the Refreshing Cleanser. The brown color threw me off at first, but now I look forward to it in the shower. It helps before I shave, and I even use it after I shave as I find it soothing.