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February 27, 2021 2 min read


I think many people will align with the messaging behind your brand.  Sustainability is an important issue that usually flies under the radar in skincare and it shouldn't.  I can see from your practices, packaging and messaging that this is important to Raacine so I encourage you to double down with it and keep going!


I received my Raacine package tonight. First of all the design of the bag and pamphlets are on point. Beautiful and easy to read. I love the tag line "Own the skin you're in". With Covid a lot of people are struggling so by simply stating that I think taps into that market of self-love. I also love the rainbow of skin tones that are in the front of the pamphlets. Also love the About us section.


Hi there, I just wanted to say that I appreciate your customer service and responsiveness.  The personal e-mail I received from Krista, one of the founders, made me feel like she was a 'girlfriend' checking in on me! It was so nice. We've exchanged a few emails now and she has answered all of my questions (and I have a lot) and has never name me feel like I was asking too much.


First impression – fabulous!  Love the story, love the literature and love the presentation. The headband and cloth that were included are amazing. I really like the smell of the day cream and reviving serum. That’s really important to me. Congratulations on such a wonderful beginning!!! I also love the social media tips on Instagram, although my dog still licks my face!  lol


I know you are probably looking for feedback on the products, which I love and will keep using, but I also support what is behind this brand. Organic, sustainability, not tested on animals, local etc. Well done and good luck with your journey.