Testimonials: Cleansing


I'm one of those men that used to wash my face in the shower with soap or shampoo. My wife showed me how to wash my face with the Responsive Cleanser and then rub it off with the bamboo cloth. I have to say it makes a difference. Who knew and now I do this every day in the shower.


It took a few pumps for the foaming cleanser to come out but now it is all good. Love the scents. I usually really hate scented products and get migraines, but these are really nice.

The facial band is perfect and the facecloth is really soft. I've never taken cleansing so seriously or used a facecloth but it really make a difference! I am really impressed!


I guess I never really knew what cleansing was all about, or how important it is for my face. I bought the Refreshing Cleanser and the company gave me a free Bamboo cloth and headband.  In the thank-you e-mail Raacine included some instructions on how to use the cloth with the cleanser. It seems weird to say but my face has never felt so clean and now I think my moisturizer absorbs better into my skin.