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February 27, 2021 1 min read


I suffer from acne, and as such I rarely use anything that is oily for fear of more breakouts. A friend suggested I try the Restoring Oil so I did. I can’t believe that how my skin has accepted this product. First it healed my dryness, and I haven’t broken out. I never thought I could use a serum or oil but I was wrong and now I’m hooked.


I love the Restoring Oil! It is such a nice experience applying it (the smell and how it makes my skin feel) that it is getting me on track with an evening face care program (which has been lacking). I have stayed away from oils and serums since my skin breaks out, but these products have actually cleared up my skin. And I my skin looks so dewy and moisturized. Wow.


I do a lot of research and was looking for a good cream with Vitamin C. The Repairing night cream had more than I was looking for so I bought it and have been using it for almost a month. It is AWESOME. My skin looks amazing - healthy, clear, more even toned. I barely ware any makeup anymore and am thrilled.