We asked our clients and, survey says ...

Survey SAYS!!

Last month we surveyed our clients about RAACINE so that we could learn and grow.  Here is what we learned and what we are doing about it:

  • Most of our clients have been using RAACINE for more than 6 months
  • The top 3 results clients have seen from using RAACINE products:
    1. Skin looks and feels hydrated
    2. Gives me a permanent glow
    3. I wear less makeup
  • Clients rate RAACINE as very high quality and excellent value for money

The top 3 suggestions we heard from our clients:

  1. Clients want Free shipping (just like Amazon)
  2. Clients want a RAACINE sunscreen
  3. Clients want bigger bottles

We are thrilled with the feedback from our clients, and loved hearing their suggestions. 

Are you ready for the exciting news?  Based on this feedback we implementing FREE SHIPPING anywhere in Canada and the US!!  So while other companies are raising their prices – we are saving you money!

Thanks again for all who participated in our survey.  If you have any other feedback you want to share please reach out to me directly at krista@raacine.com