What is the difference between Natural, Clean and Organic Skin care

These 3 words are probably the most popular and overused words in the beauty industry right now, but what do they really mean?

Let’s start with ‘Clean’.  Generally, what is meant by a ‘clean’ beauty product, is it is free from chemicals and toxins.  For example, you will see things like ‘phosphate free’, ‘sulfate free’ or ‘paraben free’.  This doesn’t mean that there are not synthetic ingredients, and there is no regulation around claiming a product is Clean.

Next is ‘Natural’.  The jury is out on this definition as well, as there is no concrete definition for Natural when it comes to beauty products.  Some products will say they are natural because they have SOME natural ingredients.  But that does not mean that the product doesn’t also have some harsh chemicals or not-natural ingredients.

Finally Organic!  Of these 3 overused words – Organic is the closest to following a standard – IF it is Certified Organic.  Some beauty products will have SOME Organic ingredients, and therefore they call their product Organic.  However, the USDA-Organic certification ensures that any product with this certification is made with at least 95% ingredients that were grown, harvested, handled and packaged following strict standards. 

So that is why you will see at RAACINE we rarely use terms like ‘natural’ or ‘clean’ as what does that really mean and what standard are being held to? 

Rather we stand behind the USDA Organic Certification, as we are proud that we can bring such a high standard and integrity to our product line for our customers.