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May 27, 2021 2 min read

One of our clients asked us what the skincare trends are for 2021.  Here is the difficulty for us in writing this, we believe skincare should not be a ‘trend’.  Skincare has been around since the Ancient times, and it is still here today.  That is because our skin is our largest organ and it needs vitamins and nutrients just as our bodies do.  RAACINE’s skincare line is here to serve this purpose.

As for trends?  We see them more on the behavior side rather than on the product side.  Here are some examples of what we mean:

  • Self-care. The pandemic has taught us that we need to slow down and enjoy more of the mindfulness moments.  This means our skincare can be an experience unto itself.  Cleansing, applying your serums, moisturizing.  More people are slowing down and using their skincare routine as a #selfcare moment, as that is what it is!  RAACINE = SELFCARE.  Check!
  • People are becoming more interested and educated about what we eat and what we put on our skin.  Just as we’ve seen a rise in Organic and Plant based diets, consumers are educating themselves and looking for products that are: Organic, Cruelty Free and Sustainable.  RAACINE’s products check all these categories!!
  • The Environment. Clients, and us, look for organizations to have practices where the environment is in mind, so that we can protect and sustain our wonderful planet Earth.  This means more customers are looking for companies that have sustainable practices and packaging.  Proud to say RAACINE checks all the boxes here too! 

To conclude, since the ancient times people have known that taking care of their skin is important, and it starts with healthy, quality ingredients.  This is not a trend.  What is a trend, is more people are recognizing the importance and benefits of quality skincare, and they are demanding more from their products and the companies they purchase from. 

You can read more about RAACINE’s commitments on our blog page:  https://raacine.com/blogs/news