Vegan versus Beegan

Vegans practice living on products from the plant kingdom.  In addition, ‘Veganism’ includes not only abstaining from animal products, but also all forms of exploitation or cruelty on the animal kingdom.  Those who choose a Vegan lifestyle, focus on plant-based only, and therefore free from meat, eggs, cheese etc.

Beegan is a term that has been coined when the use of honey or beeswax is part of what would otherwise be considered a ‘Vegan’ diet or product.  There is some controversy if Bees are considered an animal or not, and therefore some practicing Vegans will also consume honey etc.

At RAACINE we offer two Organic skincare choices.  The RAACINE Organic line does contain a small amount of beeswax, and the RAACINE VORGANIC line does not.

It is really a matter of preference when choosing which line of our products to try. 

What you should know is consistent with all of our products are: quality organic ingredients!  Our clients have shared with us how quickly they absorb and how their skin looks and feels even after just the first use! 

So you choose …


Beegan = RAACINE Organic