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June 19, 2021 2 min read

Sleep is when our body repairs itself, both internally and externally.  Think of sleep as active recovery.  It sounds ironic doesn’t it?  Sleep is when we get to rest mentally and physically – yet our body is busy working hard.

We all know how we look and feel while when we don’t have enough sleep, so we won’t spend our time reminding you of that.  Rather, this post focuses on the positive benefits of sleep for your skin.

Before we get into sleep benefits – we need to remind you that before you turn in for the night – to cleanse your face and apply your serum and moisturizer.  It is important to cleanse your skin before bed to remove the dust and debris from the day.  It is equally important to then apply your nourishments such as RAACINE serums and moisturizes, packed with vitamins, so they can go to work while you are sleeping.

Now how is sleep good for your skin?

  • While you are sleeping, your blood flow increases. Increased blood flow helps your skin rebuild and repair, and the effect you will see is a more even tone and texture for your skin.
  • Believe it or not, sleep helps your skin retain more moisture. Moisture helps with dry skin, AND it also helps with your skin’s appearance and it ability to protect and heal itself from ultraviolet rays etc. 
  • Sleep is when our skin cells regenerate, and during the regeneration process collagen is produced. Collagen is important for your skin’s elasticity, and it will help keep your skin looking youthful.

It goes without saying, when you get enough sleep you can look and feel the best version of yourself.

And to give you that extra bit of help, try RAACINE's Repairing night cream while you sleep!