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May 17, 2021 2 min read

In recognition of May being Sun Awareness Month we would like to write about the Importance of Sunscreen.

This is a picture of a 28 year career truckdriver.  You can visually see the sun damage on left side of his face from sun through the truck window.  True story. 

This is our first blog on Sunscreen – and get ready for a lot more to come.  To start us all off on this sunscreen journey, we want to stress the importance of Sunscreen.

There is no easy way to say this so here it goes.  Are you ready for it?  Your skincare routine is almost useless if you are not wearing sunscreen daily. 

Yes, you heard that right.  We at RAACINE are all about skincare.  Our heart and soul is our skincare and wellness ecosystem. BUT!  If you aren’t protecting your skin from the sun, everything you are doing to nourish and keep your skin healthy, could be negated.

OK if we haven’t made you a take a step back yet, there is more.

What if it is winter – do I need to wear sunblock?  YES!

It is raining and there is no sun out – do I need to wear sunblock  YES!

What if I’m not going outside today – do I need to wear sunblock?  YES!

Let’s get this straight.  It’s winter.  There is no sun out.  You are inside all day.  And you should be wearing sunblock???

Yes.  Simply put here is why.  Sun and those rays are everywhere.  Overcast or not.  Through windows.  Oh, and have you heard about Blue Light from your computer and phone?  Yes, that also has an effect on your skin.

We know this is a lot to process.  But have no fear.  RAA*SCREEN Mineral SPF 50+ is on its way and will be like no other sunscreen you’ve ever used before.

In the meantime use up the sunscreen you have, everyday, and keep your skin healthy.