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January 14, 2022 2 min read

We know this month has been hard and we all need some wins, so we are sharing some of ours with you!

We had a team meeting and we wanted to share candidly some of our conversation in case it is helpful.  We are owners, we are clients, and we are also human.  We were just sharing with each other; this month has been HARD so far. 

Home schooling.  Cold temperatures.  More people we know are getting sick. 

Every day comes with a new emotion.  Sometimes frustration, sometimes hope, sometimes frustration again.

We then put our optimism hat back on, and asked each other, what are some neat skin care hacks that are giving us some peace and joy?  And we started talking about how the Restoring Oil has been a game changer product for us.  Here is what we shared in our meeting, and now we want to share with you:

  • Dry lips?  Use the Oil directly on your lips rather than chapstick
  • Blowing your nose more than normal?  Use the Oil under your nose and slightly in your nostrils
  • Ready for a 2 minute meditation?  Rub the Oil up your neck and over your chest as part of a relaxation technique with 5 deep breaths
  • Need a deep hydration?  Skip your moisturizer and use twice the amount of the Oil on your face at night – you will be shocked at how hydrated your skin looks when you wake up

To support you with these skin care tips – use the Promo Code: DRYSKIN and receive 20% off the Restoring Oil and as always we have FREE SHIPPING!!

Stay tuned as we are doing a bit of a refresh to our website next month based on your feedback.  We are excited and hope you are as well!

Stay Safe, Stay Strong