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June 27, 2021 2 min read

I’m sure you’ve heard of the 80 / 20 rule, also knows as the Pareto principle.  The Pareto principle is applied in a variety of scenarios such as investing, business, sports etc.  For this purpose we are going to apply it to … you guessed it.  SKINCARE!

If you let yourself, you could be rotating through a daily 7-10 step skincare routine, and possibly have 15+ different skincare products you are rotating through on your bathroom counter.  Many other skincare companies will suggest multiple cleansers, multiple moisturizers, multiple serums, spot treatments, primers, the list goes on. 

We at RAACINE believe you can achieve 80% of your skincare needs, with only 20% of the products and effort.  What is the RAACINE difference?  Two words:  QUALITY AND EFFICACY.

Here are some of the secrets …

  • You only need 1 cleanser that works well for your skin.  If you prefer a gentle cleanser with an earthy smell, you could choose the Refreshing Cleanser.  If you prefer something a little stronger you might choose the Responsive Cleanser.  Both are excellent cleansers and packed with antioxidants, it is really just preference on feel and smell.  For daily exfoliation, we recommend you use one of our organic bamboo cloths as when removing your cleanser.  For extra exfoliation, we recommend our Activating Kelp Cleanser and Scrub – but you only need to use it once or twice a week.
  • You only need 1 serum.  We offer multiple serums, and that is because they each have a different focus and provide different benefits.  For example the Reviving Serum is great as a day serum as it finishes dry which makes applying makeup easier.  Our Restoring Oil is packed with Vitamin A and is great for anti-aging.  Our Advanced Tremella Serum is great for teens, acne prone or sensitive skin.  You only need one.  We like to rotate between all 3, when one runs out order a different one for the next 3 months.
  • You only need one moisturizer.  We offer a couple of moisturizers, but again they each have a different focus and provide different benefits.  If you are looking for additional moisturizing and are looking to target fine lines, than the Rehydrating Day cream will be great for you.  Even though it says day you can use it day or night as it doesn’t contain SPF.  If you are looking to boost your skin, then the Repairing Night Cream which is packed with Vitamin C, would be great for you.  You can use it both Day and Night. 

So these 3 steps, and 3 products, is all you really need.  Why?  All of our products are made with quality ingredients (antioxidants, vitamins etc.), and provide superior results.  Since each product is so complete – you don’t need to buy so many different products to get the same effect.

3 products, not 15. 

80% of the results, from 20% of the products

80 / 20 rule in action!