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February 27, 2021 2 min read

We are so excited for you to try our products, but we also know that you as a consumer have a lot of choices and want to know about the company that you are buying from. Therefore here is a little bit about our RAACINE commitments.

Our commitment to the earth

We strive to find innovative solutions by working with our partners to lower carbon footprint, and save our trees.  We don’t use outer boxes for our products, and we limit the amount of printed material we use.  Our products use post consumer recycled printing paper, which saves on energy and reduces air pollution by 95%!

Our commitment to product packaging

We know packaging is important, but we also believe it is what is in the bottle that really counts!  Our products are packaged in PET plastic which takes the least amount of energy to recycle, and is the only plastic that is 100% recyclable.  Since our products do not contain toxic preservatives, we choose bottles that protect the product from light infiltration.  Also, PET plastic is our preference since it accomplishes all of the above and it is lighter to ship (saves money = keeping our prices low) and is more efficient to ship (which saves on emissions).

Our commitment to local

All of our products are locally grown, produced and packaged in Ontario, Canada (#OntarioProud)!  Our partners are also committed to ethically harvesting native ingredients from Ontario, which of course reduces long distance transportation for any ingredients … which translates to lower emissions and less costs which helps us keep our prices low.

Our commitment for organic raw materials

The raw materials in our products qualify for the USDA ORGANIC certification.  This certification has strict regulations that go above and beyond raw materials alone!  The USDA certification process governs things like the soil they are grown in, how the ingredients are handled, and how they are cultivated.  All of this to say our final products are free of toxic preservatives, pesticides and herbicides.  Whew!