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May 30, 2021 1 min read

This blog should give you a little more insight into our RAACINE team.

When RAACINE was founded, we made some vows 

1) we MUST live our values, every day, every decision.

2) we MUST be a responsible company

3) we MUST exist for health and wellness

Part of being a responsible company, means practices that we are proud of and can stand behind.  This includes being eco-ethical, sustainable, kind, giving back, cruelty free etc.

To speak candidly, even having to state ‘cruelty-free’ – we can’t imagine what company or person could support that any of their practices allow for ‘cruelty’ at all in any sense.

We have not and will not test on animals. That is table stakes. 

What we want you to know more about our team is how much we love and adore animals.  At team RAACINE we take care of: dogs, cats, birds and horses.  If you are a stray, in need, or even just give us that look, chances are you are being adopted.

Cheers to all the animal lovers out there!