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March 09, 2021 3 min read

I see various symbols on your bottles; what do they mean?

Made in Ontario

Made in Canada

Cruelty free and not tested on Animals

Raacine bottles are recyclable

Raacine Medi-Organic

USDA organic means we are certified organic – where 95% or more, of all ingredients qualify under the National Organic Program


I see organic ingredients on some other skincare lines, what makes Raacine different?

We are proud that the forests where our products are derived, follow the strictest of regulations to meet the National Organic Program (NOP) standards, and are USDA ORGANIC certified!  These strict standards include things such as:

  • Farmlands where the ingredients are grown have to be free from chemicals for at least 3 years
  • Ingredients must be free from synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, antibiotics, pesticides, additives etc.
  • Farmlands and processing facilities are subject to audit and inspection to ensure standards are being met through the whole process


Can my teenager use Raacine products?

Yes!  Or how the teenagers refer to as “YAS”!    Our products are gentle enough to use on younger skin and they are packed full of vitamins which works for any age!


Do Raacine products really expire?

Yes they do as they don’t contain any chemicals or preservatives!  As our products are natural, they expire the same way fruit would expire in your home. Luckily our product sizes lend themselves to last just as long as you would need them before they expire – about 3-4 months.  It is recommended that you use your products within 6 months of opening for best results.


I’m not sure what skincare I need, where do I start?

That is a very common question – so we have a starter kit that we offer.  It includes everything you need to begin your skin care journey- our kit includes the refreshing cleanser, restoring oil and our rehydrating day cream.  We are also pleased to answer any specific questions you have.  Please email krista@raacine.com  Krista loves to hear from customers!


What skin types does Raacine work best on?

At Raacine inclusivity is important to us and is one of our core values.  We wanted to have a product that everyone could use.  No matter what your age, your skin type or what gender you identify with, Raacine can work for you – skin care for everyone! 


Do you ship across Canada?

Yes we do!  Standard shipping rates will apply.


I’m in Australia, how can I get products?

Simply place an order and we will ship them to you!   We ship all across the globe. 

Standard shipping rates will apply.


How long will your Raacine last for?

If you use your product every day, it should last you anywhere between 2-4 months.


How do you use Raacine products?

Click here to watch our tutorials. 


Why is the refreshing cleanser brown?

The most simple answer to this question is because that is how it should be – there is nothing added to our products except our most natural ingredients.


Where are Raacine products made?

The ingredients for our products are grown and harvested in Ontario! 


I’m still not sure what Raacine products to use?  Who can I ask?

Go to our on-line skin questionnaire where you will go a series of questions about your skin type and Raacine products will be recommended to you.


What is your return policy?

Since we need to protect the integrity of our products we cannot accept returns once shipped, however if there are any issues with your products we want to hear from you.  Please e-mail krista@raacine.com and Krista will be pleased to work with you to ensure you are satisfied as a customer.  We take customer service and happy customers very seriously!