Falling back into the office, back into SKINCARE, and tackling ACNE

Summer has come and gone.  Fall is here, and so is back to the office for many of us, for the first time in a long time.  It is time to put our best foot, and our best skin, FORWARD!  For most of us, this means repairing our skin after the summer months, and dealing with those unwanted breakouts.  Although breakouts can sometimes be out of our control (hormonal, excessive mask wearing etc.), there are things we can do minimize breakouts and treat them when we feel them coming on. 

The following are our skincare products we recommend, to fight acne, and why:

Refreshing Cleanser

Made from Maple Leaf extracts, and grown organically in Ontario, this gel like cleanser is great for both sensitive and acne prone skin.  The Organic Antibacterial ingredients and Antioxidants will clean your skin, but not strip it, which could cause more breakouts.

Activating Kelp Dry Powder

 This is a game changer product for acne!  Mix this dry kelp powder with either water or the Refreshing cleanser and use it as a scrub.  It is gentle enough to use daily, or use it a few times a week. Formulated with ingredients that are high in Vitamin C and Antioxidants, it effectively removes impurities from the skin.  You will be amazed how it clears up an impending breakout – many times that annoying pimple never comes if you use the kelp when you feel it coming on!

Repairing Night Cream

night cream acne vitamin c

Vitamin C should be your skin’s best friend – whether it be for acne, brightening, tightening, or hydrating.  This cream has a high concentration of 5 different Vitamin C extracts.  Ideal for overnight repair, but we also use it as a day cream.  With the 5 Vitamin C extracts from the world's top 5 highest ORAC Score ‘Super Fruits’, and Superior-Antioxidant levels, this cream will not only keep your skin clear and balanced, but also bright and tight!