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May 16, 2021 1 min read

In recognition of Asian Heritage Month we would like to profile the incredible Vivienne Poy.

Vivienne is one of the founders of Asian Heritage Month in Canada after she put a motion forward in Canadian Senate in December of 2001, declaring the month of May Asian Heritage Month.

Vivienne was born in Hong Kong in 1941, and due to the war fled with her family to mainland China within a year. In 1959 Vivienne moved to Canada.

Vivienne’s contributions and accomplishments will at a minimum inspire you.  To name a few:

  • Vivienne is a mother of 3 children
  • Vivienne founded her own Fashion Design company (Vivienne Poy Mode)
  • Vivienne was a Chancellor at the University of Toronto
  • Vivienne was the first person of Chinese ancestry to be appointed to the Canadian Senate
  • Vivienne was responsible for changing the Canadian National Anthem to make the lyrics more inclusive and gender neutral (changing the wording to ‘in all of us command’ rather than ‘in all our sons command’)
  • Vivienne delivered a speech to the Senate that detailed the long history of the Chinese in Canada, and 2 years later her motion to declare May Asian Heritage Month was approved 

Thank-you Vivienne for being a brave trailblazer and for helping found Asian Heritage Month in Canada.