8 Reasons to choose VITAMIN C for your skin

Vitamin C is not only good for your skin because of all the antioxidant properties (that keep skin cells healthy), Vitamin C repairs damage caused by acne scars, reduces fine lines, improves uneven skin tone and ultimately brightens your skin.  

Although there are many ways for someone to get their Vitamin C (fruits, vegetables, supplements), applying Vitamin C topically also has many benefits; here are the top 8!

  1. Antioxidant - Vitamin C serum offers potent antioxidant protection.
  2. Collagen production - Topical vitamin C can collagen levels, which means firmer, more youthful-looking skin.
  3. Anti-aging - Topical vitamin C has been shown to reverse the effects of Anti Aging and ultimately, slow down the process. Look for Vitamin C in both of our serums and creams.
  4. Wrinkles and fine lines – studies have show that using products that contain Vitamin C can reduce fine lines and wrinkles in 12 weeks
  5. Dark spots - Vitamin C cream can fade of dark spots safely and without changing your
  6. Redness -Vitamin C can create a more even complexion
  7. Skin brightening/GLOW – Vitamin C smooths the skins surface to reduce dullness
  8. Hydration – Vitamin C has been shown to have a hydrating effect on the skin

Now imagine an organic skincare product already rich in Vitamin C!   All of RAACINE’s products are high in Vitamin C.  The Repairing Night Cream is the strongest with 5 levels of Vitamin C.

8 benefits here we come!